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  Completed Buildings

Straw Bale House # 1

Built with weight bearing straw bale walls and a living roof, it was completed in 1998. A veranda provides a generous roof overhang to protect the walls. Curved walls and "rustic" finished render lend a softer, more gentle feel to the building, as do the waney edged window cills and curved window reveals.


Straw Bale House # 2




Constructed from flax-straw bales as a play room/activity room for a family with a small house and many children. The timber pole structure support the roof with sleep-over space in the loft. A wide veranda gives useful extra space and gives a "colonial" feel to the building.


Straw Clay House # 1



Built as music and arts workshop, it is the first Straw Clay building by ABC. Designed to resemble the barn that formerly stood on the site, the building clearly demonstrated the superior thermal performance of the Straw Clay system.


Straw Bale House # 3


The dominating feature of this straw bale extension is the magnificent south facing window. Salvaged by our client many years ago, the window frame was "on standby" waiting for a suitable location. The low living roof helps the building nestle gently into its surroundings.


Straw Clay House # 2

An extension to a 150 year old stone cottage, the design brief was to make the new extension look older than the original house. By using salvaged oak beams, the inside of the new extension was given a half-timbered effect to give the desired look. Carved walls and radial roof made this a challenge to build, however the finished effect is striking.


Straw Clay House # 3



Built especially for a rock-musician son, this music studio had extra soundproofing and sleep over space. It was located at the far end of the garden amongst the trees and was designed to look inconspicuous.


Straw Clay House # 4




A multi-purpose educational building comprising of a large woodwork shop, office space, storage and washroom facilities, this building was designed to blend in with its agricultural surroundings. The 3 metre wide veranda allows lessons to continue outside even in the rain. The interior has locally coppiced chestnut poles showing through the render to lend a half-timbered effect.


Straw Bale House # 4



Built using weight - bearing straw bale walls, this 20 sq metre ancillary building was designed for storage and to prove a surface for sculptured render. The client specifically wanted a building with a salamander on it, we provided the backdrop and he did the sculpting.


Straw Clay House # 5

Built as a garden room to provide quiet space in a busy household, this building has a raised south-facing veranda with storage to the side and rear of the main building.


Straw Clay House # 6

Pictures to follow shortly

Currently under construction, 70sqm writers studio with guest suite and workshop/craft area.


Lime Hemp # 1

Pictures to follow shortly

A garden studio/workshop in Worcester. Unusually for an ABC building, it has timber cladding - Douglas fir from a local sawmill - rather than the more normal render.
D elightful cedar shingle roof with north-facing skylights to flood the inside with constant daylight.
Rainwater from roof connected to bulk harvesting system.


Lime Hemp # 2

Pictures to follow shortly

A small lobby to "The Fold", a holisitic living/arts project in Bransford near Worcester.

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