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  How much will it cost?

Buildings are generally priced per square metre of internal floor space. As a comparison, a modest 2 bed terraced house is usually about 55sqm, a large 4 bed detached house could be in the region of 90sqm.

From start to finish, a reasonably straightforward straw clay building will cost in the region of 900 per sq metre excluding connection to services such as drains and electricity. There are many factors that can increase this figure - a complicated design involving curves, non-standard doors + windows, a sloping site, expensive internal fittings such as bathroom and kitchen.

Factors that can decrease the guide price are: simple design, level site and modest internal fittings. The simple rule of thumb to keep costs down is " Keep it small, keep it simple "

Generally the best value for money is a one-and-a-half storey design, involving a pitched roof with the "loft space" used in some way, possibly for storage or sleeping.

Guide price on a simple, yet beautiful, 35sqm building is in the region of 32,000.

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