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  Thinking of buying a timber cabin?

Several of our budget-conscious clients have considered a slot-together timber cabin as a cheaper alternative to a bespoke straw clay building.

In particular, the D.I.Y. variety seem to offer a good value for money in terms of cost per square metre.

ABC have built one small timber cabin for a kit for a client. Based on this, my general conclusion is that you get what you pay for. The cabin is perfectly servicable, but not really a quality item.

Specifically it needed a foundation which is not included in the headline price. The construction process was reasonably straightforward once all the components had been unwrapped and spread out in order to be identified, itself quite a task.

The building was supplied with asphalt "shingles" for the roof, which have a limited lifespan and will require replacement in the not too distant future. The provision of lights, power and plumbing were also an extra charge.

The timber walls and roof offer a degree of insulation, although I suspect that extra insulation would be very desirable. The lack of thermal mass also affects the "livability" of the building.

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